West Yarmouth, Massachusetts

In the past 6months or more i was able to order online. Now their web order site says no delivery to my address but if I call in an order they deliver.

I've reported this problem numerous times to no avail. So I order from another pizza joint. Do they have no techs that can fix this site or is it just another incompetant chain on capecod. Do you always scam your customers?

Are you always bare bone minimum? Do you have any pride in service? Should I recommend a different place for funtions?

Have you always been a second hand pizza joint? Will you ever get it together?

Review about: Papa Ginos Pizza.

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Ive had similar Issues its like i could order for months and months online with no issues then all of a sudden the site says that the place i order from which is less then 2 miles away is out of delivery range. its a hassle but one way i found to deal with it is just call and get it switched from pickup to delivery.

why not just order by phone then? because im 1)antisocial and hate talking on the phone(would rather talk face to face, personal issue k?) and 2) i find it honestly easier to order online see what im paying and then i can check the order over myself to make sure its correct and screen shot the last page incase they make a mistake(happened once they gave me the wrong pizza, they made me a new one i ordered for free and let me keep the other aswell)


They cannot do anything in the restaurants. Have you tried reporting it via the website?

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